Physical fitness is of prime importance in life. Therefore, at our campus, all children are encouraged to participate in at least two games and perform Yoga.P. T. is compulsory for all. All children are also trained in skating and one martial art. Besides this, the school ties up with a swimming pool so that the children who are keen on learning swimming do so.

School has provision for Dance, Music, Physical Education, Band, Lazium, Dumbbells, Skating, Badminton, Cricket, Volley Ball, Table- Tennis, Athletics and various other indoor and outdoor sports, Art and Craft, Drawing and Painting. Dramas and other Stage Activities are a regular feature in a day's curriculum. PHYSICAL EDUCATION The school provides play facilities for all. The programme includes Physical Training, Rhythmic Activities, Athletics, Sports, Games, Yoga, Martial Art etc. HOBBIES In order to encourage students to develop inborn talent and hobbies, the following clubs exist in school: -
  1. Dramatic Club
  2. Dramatic Club
  3. Dramatic Club
  4. Mountaineering & Hiking Club
  5. Sewing & Embroidery Club
  6. Literary Club
  7. Speaker Forum
  8. Eco Club
  9. Heritage Club
  10. Sports Club
  11. Computer Club
  12. Gardening Club
  13. Drawing and Painting Club
  14. Music and Dance Club
  15. Health and Wellness Club
Each child is required to participate in the activities of all these clubs at different stages and levels of schooling.