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Director's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the prospectus and Information about DR International School, Garhmukteshwar.

I hope that it meets your need to know as to what we offer in our institutions. Whatever trends and currents there may be in education, one thing is clear that well-channelled energy is the key to children’s progress, particularly in the crucial age-group that we look after. It is the quality of what is done at school and how it is done that is important, and that is true both in the classroom and in all other areas of school life. Balanced development requires a great deal of understanding, professional commitment and knowledge on the part of the teacher and faith and love for the teacher on the part of the pupil and an understanding on the part of the parents for the methods adopted at school for achieving objectives of education. Our aim is to maintain precisely the kind of environment in which each child can flourish and be successful in school as well as later in life. To have an exact idea as to what is happening on our campus, please pay us a visit. A very warm welcome and eye opening experience awaits you.

Mr. Pradeep Tyagi

The school is housed in an aesthetically pleasing building at Village- Dotai, Near Madhya Ganga Canal Bridge, Meerut Road Garhmukteshwar,Dist- Hapur, 245205. The class rooms are well furnished and provide a congenial and healthy atmosphere for studies. The school has provision for uninterrupted power supply, filtered water and modern sanitation. Each class room is aesthetically decorated and educationally equipped and creates the right ambience for teaching-learning process.

The library has a large collection of books on different subjects catering to the interests of the students. It subscribes to many children's magazines, newspapers and selected picture books for youngsters. The books can be borrowed from the library in accordance with the library rules by the students and the members of the staff. The library consists of a section where books concerning parenting and children's upbringing are available to parents for consultation and guidance. A Reading room has been provided for the students. Each child is encouraged to read a number of books in an academic year.
House system is an important part of school life and encourages children to participate in co-curricular activities which are organised in a healthy competitive spirit. Each student is allotted a house at the time of admission. House system inculcates qualities of leadership, sincerity, loyalty, co-operation, self discipline and belongingness to the institution. The school is divided into four senior and four junior houses.
Sl. No; Senior Houses House Mottos Junior Houses
1 Aryabhatt House Towards Perfection Red House
2 Charak House Towards Progress Yellow House
3 Chanakya House Towards Prosperity Green House
4 Varahmira House Towards Excellence Blue House
Each house elects three office-bearers for the smooth running of the various Co-curricular Activities, Daily Assignments and for House Socials. The office bearers are Prefect, Vice Prefect and Treasurer.